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Pregnancy Challenge

by Thalash

PAIRING - Sam/Janet, although this scene is probably pre-relationship.


Not mine. The bunnies belong to higher powers than I (Showtime/Scifi/God/whatever). They'll be returned after I finish playing with them for a bit. Please get your mind out of the gutter and read on. If not already in said gutter..., are you sure you're supposed to be reading this? ;)

Author's Notes

This piece came out of reading "Everything" by PinkRabbit. A most excellent story, it had a scene with Sam wishing she could've seen Janet pregnant. I really wanted to read something along those lines, with one of them carrying the other's child. I haven't really been able to find one though, and this was what I sorta had in mind for what I wanted.

Of course, my muse doesn't deign to give me any more of the story, so I'd like to put it out as a challenge. It doesn't have to include this scene word for word, but feel free to use anything I've written here. In fact, I don't care how you decide to write it, so long as:

1) The baby is both Sam's and Janet's.
2) Janet or Sam doesn't know beforehand that she's going to become pregnant, and it takes a bit before she realizes she is.
3) At least some of the story contains angst about revealing the pregnancy (not necessarily all the details about it) to Sam or SG1 or SGC.

The following are totally optional:

1) Janet's probably a better candidate for pregnancy, cause I'd like to see Sam still able to go offworld, but either way is good.
2) The story goes at least up until the birth.
3) A 'B plot'. Maybe about the medical center I mention in the story, or whatever.

If someone decides to write it, or if something similar is already written, please let me know. My address is

Just a few minutes, she thought to herself, quietly ducking into her office. She stumbled over to her desk, gratefully slipping into her chair with a sigh of relief. Placing her arms on the desk, she laid her head down, closing her tired eyes. Just for a moment...

The knock on the door was hesitant, almost tentative. But it was enough to rouse her from the light doze she'd fallen into. Janet blinked, then lifted her head from her desk. How long was I out? She cleared her throat, then called out, "Come in."

She allowed herself a faint smile upon seeing the shock of blond hair poking through the doorway, followed immediately by the fatigue clad figure of Samantha Carter.

Sam paused at the doorway, as if considering something. Coming to a decision, she locked the door behind her, then closed the blinds on the windows. Turning towards Janet, she could see the quizzical tilt to the doctor's head. An unsure expression still on her face, she walked over to sit in one of the chairs opposite Janet.


"Janet," Sam began, then stopped again. "Janet, is there something you want to tell me?" she tried again.

"About?" Janet asked.

"You've been hiding it pretty well," Sam replied. "But I've noticed, and so has Daniel. Janet, are you sick?"

"Sick?" Janet repeated, confused. "What do you mean?"

"You've been looking so run down lately, Janet. Even now, I know you were dozing when I came in here."

"I was just a bit tired," Janet countered. "It's been a long day."

"A long day of what? Filling out reports? I know there haven't been any patients in today. Or for the past few days, for that matter. At least, nothing one of your staff couldn't handle blindfolded. Janet..." Sam paused, then added softly, "I'm getting worried."

Janet simply looked back at Sam with a blank expression on her face. Behind the mask, however, her thoughts ran the gamut from fear to anger to a resigned sadness.

Not seeing a response, Sam sighed, rising from her chair. She turned and was heading for the door when Janet finally replied. The two words stopped her in her tracks.

"I'm pregnant."

Sam whirled around, her eyes widening. Janet was slightly amused at the almost unconscious glance the blonde darted to her abdomen. She wasn't anywhere near showing yet, of course, but the gesture still evoked a slight blush from her.

"You're..." Sam blinked, shaking her head in disbelief. She felt a small stab of something at her friend's admission, although for the life of her she couldn't put her finger on what it was. "Pregnant?" she finally finished.

"About six weeks, actually."

"Oh..." A long pause. Then. "Um... anyone..." Her voice broke at that point. She cleared her throat, then tried again. "Anyone I know?"

Janet chuckled, somewhat bitterly, in Sam's opinion. "Oh, I think that's a safe bet."

Sam was surprised. About the only acquaintances the two of them had in common were from work. Her mind quickly ran through all the possibilities. "Not SG1?" Janet's wan smile was answer enough. "Daniel?"

Janet shook her head slightly.

Sam blinked. If not Daniel, then there was only one possibility, wasn't there? "Jack?" she asked, not quite able to believe it.

Of course, when Janet shook her head again, Sam's eyes widened even further in disbelief. "Teal'c?" she asked in a whisper. Her mind boggled at the visual that immediately brought to mind. Janet and Teal'c. Ohmigod! No, she couldn't even begin to imagine it.

This time Janet actually laughed. "Oh God, Sam. No, it's definitely NOT Teal'c."

"But... but... you said SG1," Sam stammered out, now utterly confused.

"Yes I did."

Sam once again ran through all the members of her team. But Janet had eliminated all of them, hadn't she?

"You're in SG1, Sam," Janet finally said, gently.

For all its softness, the statement had the effect of a bomb as Sam's jaw dropped. "Huh?" was about all the response she could manage for nearly a full minute. "What?" she managed to get out after that. Then, for good measure, she followed it up with another, "What!?"

"Six weeks, Sam. Remember what we were doing then?"

Sam frowned. Six weeks ago had been... of course, that trip to P3X-327. The medical facility. Both of them had been caught in that beam's path when Sam had tried to shield Janet from whatever machine Jack had unwittingly activated. Having caught the brunt of the beam, Sam had been later checked out, and given a clean bill of health, as had Janet, in fact. But how...

"That's impossible."

"Oh, well then I must be impossibly pregnant," Janet retorted. She closed her eyes, raising her hand to massage the bridge of her nose. "I must be more tired than I thought. I don't think that actually made sense." Seeing Sam still standing, she nodded to the chair in front of her.

Sam looked from her friend to the chair, her mind still too busy trying to process Janet's revelation to understand her. It finally filtered through, and she stumbled into the waiting seat. Probably just in time too; her legs felt like they would have given way had she taken a second longer.

"Are you sure it's me? I mean..."

"Well, unless immaculate conception has suddenly made a comeback..." Janet trailed off.

"How?" Her mind still kept insisting that it wasn't possible. After all, they were both women, and it just wasn't... but Janet wouldn't lie about something like this, would she?

The doctor shrugged. "You think I haven't been trying to figure that out for the past two weeks?"

"Dammit, Janet. You can't just drop something like this in my lap, and not give me anything else," Sam nearly shouted.

"It's a normal pregnancy, as far as I can tell. But other than that, I don't know what happened. I don't know *how* it happened," Janet replied, her voice still soft. But the weariness in her voice betrayed her frustration at her lack of knowledge, weariness which ended with her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "Oh god Sam. I don't know what to do."

Sam immediately jumped to her feet, rushing around the desk to kneel beside her friend. She turned the swivel chair to face her, then took Janet's smaller hands in hers, squeezing them reassuringly. "Janet... hey, look at me." She waited for the brunette to look up at her. "Hey, we're in this together, aren't we? Together, Janet. We'll get through this."

"Oh Sam, what are we going to do?"

The 'we' instead of the earlier 'I' brought a small smile to Sam's face. "Well, first I have to ask you. Are you considering terminating..." She trailed off at the look of horror on her friend's face. "I'll take that as a no. I'm sorry, Janet, but I had to ask."

Janet nodded, biting her lip to maintain some semblance of control. "I can't..." She shook her head. "I couldn't... I thought I couldn't get pregnant. After Cassandra, I thought, maybe that was enough. But, now..." She absently caressed her stomach, her thoughts in turmoil. "This might be my only chance to..."

"Sshhhh," Sam consoled her, moving to hug her friend close. "I understand, Janet. You know I'll support whatever you decide." She lightly rubbed Janet's back as her own thoughts raced. "Ok, we need to get back to P3X-327. We need to figure out how this happened."

"How? Colonel O'Neill destroyed the medical center when he tried to shut off that beam. Why would General Hammond possibly authorize a return there?"

And that's about all I had. Let me know if anyone can do anything with this. Later...