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Futures Past 10: Tchaikovsky Unbound

by Arvy

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CATEGORY - C(rossover), R(omance)
KEYWORDS - X-files/Highlander/Forever Knight crossover, Mulder/Scully Romance


From the Ashes Interlude


None of these characters belong to me, and like so many worthy people before me, I'm only borrowing them for a short while. All characters referred to herein belong to CC, or 1013, or Fox, or Rysher, or Paramount, whoever owns the rights to them.

Author's Notes

Whoeee... My first PWP! Remember the bathroom scene near the beginning of From the Ashes? Well, that wasn't all he wrote, folks. I originally had this piece in there too. But, after a bit of internal debate, I decided to cut it out. It didn't really fit in with the rest of that story. Besides which, it didn't make much sense to saddle that entire monsterpiece with an R rating just because of this part. I'm still working on the next installment of Futures Past, so hopefully this will tide y'all over till then.

So enjoy, people. This and all my previous stories are also on my website at, and will eventually be at Gossamer as well. As always, feedback is welcomed and most definitely appreciated. My address is

Dana Scully's Apartment
Saturday, June 13, 1998
9:21 AM

Unlike the popular bath sponges, traditional soap bars generally do not lend themselves to grappling too well, a fact amply proven as the bar of lilac-scented soap smoothly slipped out of their clasped hands, sailing over their heads to land neatly in the sink on the other side of the bathroom.

Two pairs of eyes, one hazel, one azure, followed the trajectory, then turned to face each other. "Don't look at me," the woman responded, glaring slightly at her companion. "This time it was definitely your fault." Of course, the implied gruffness in her voice was belied by the fact that her hands were still clasped with his, fingers intertwined, then moving across his arms, up to his shoulders. She leaned forward, the water in the tub sloshing ever so slightly at the movement. Her body slid against his, the soapiness causing a smooth slickness as she moved up to meet his lips.

He in turn smiled into the kiss, his voice muffled slightly as he replied, "Does that mean you want me to get up and get it back?"

"Mmm... Shut up and kiss me, Mulder." She deepened the kiss. "We were done with it anyway. You can get it later." She nestled her body into his, savoring the feel of him underneath her. Their lips continued their intimate dance as their hands explored each other, reminding themselves of sensations left inexperienced for far too long.

This was the first time they'd had a chance to be intimate in almost two weeks. The sequence of events set in motion with the burning of their office and culminating with their escape from the consortium base in Peru had conspired to prevent them from getting time to themselves for a while. Days spent attending OPR reviews, hearings, and testimonies about their actions had left the couple drained, too tired for the kind of physical intimacy they desired. Most nights, when they did manage to be together, both had to content themselves with simply sleeping with each other, literally. But now that the final hearings were over, they had the weekend to themselves before the verdict was handed down on Monday.

And both had made an unspoken agreement not to worry about their impending fate for the entire weekend, concentrating instead on each other, trying to bridge the chasm that had been unnecessarily created by a series of misunderstandings, miscommunication, and simple stubborn pride. This was the final step that remained in the healing process, one which the agents were determined to see through with their usual determination.

Not to mention the fact that the sight of each other covered with nothing more than filmy soap bubbles sent shivers of anticipation coursing through their respective bodies. Shivers that inevitably led to infinitely more interesting, and erotic, thoughts.

Scully moved up slightly, the roughness as their bodies rubbed against each other eliciting gasps that escaped through their still locked lips. With a relaxed sigh, she ended the kiss, needing to breathe even if Mulder didn't. Still smiling at him, she moved up a little, her hands on his shoulders to balance herself. The water slapped gently against her back as she settled back down on him, feeling him enter her ever so slowly, inch by agonizing inch.

"Aaahhhh!" The water just teased the ends of her hair as she threw her head back, water spraying every which way, her back arching in pleasure. She felt a warm fullness permeating her as she began a gentle rhythm, rocking against him in time with his thrusts. Her hands on his shoulders gripped harder as she involuntarily spasmed around him. Her eyes shut tight, she felt Mulder bury his mouth in the valley between her breasts, licking, kneading them, sucking on them to heighten her pleasure, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her at the tendrils of shock that raced through her body.

"Ohhh!!! god!!!" She was close. So close... so very... Her eyes snapped open at the hated sound. Water splashing. Over the side of the tub. Her head jerked to the side as she uttered a curse, "Damn. I knew this was a bad idea."

Dazed, Mulder barely managed a hoarse, "What!?"

Still joined, she felt him twitch inside her, causing her to jump with pleasure. Control, gotta have control, she reminded herself, even as part of her screamed at her to forget it and continue what they'd been doing.

By now, Mulder had come down from the high, his eyes clear as he asked, "You wanna take this to the bedroom?" He thrust once again, causing a shudder to run through her body. He smiled at the response, then shuddered himself when he felt her squeeze back.

"God, I hate to do this, but yeah, if you don't mind stopping. I just cleaned..."

"Who said anything about stopping?" There was a definite twinkle in his eyes as they danced with mischief. At his partner's questioning gaze, he simply replied, "Hang on tight, Scully." He put his arms around her waist as she sat against him. Without warning, he raised himself, and her, about a half a foot from the floor of the tub, earning a shriek of surprise from her. She hugged him all the more tightly, not that he was complaining in the least. Grinning, he raised them higher, the water sluicing off their bodies as they rose above it.

Scully had her arms around his back, holding him in a death grip. Her body lay on top of his, her legs wrapped tight around his hips. "Mulder, what...," she squeaked. "What are you doing?"

"Just relax, Scully. Trust me." He rotated his body, moving head first towards the bathroom door, his hand hooking a towel as he passed by, water dripping as they floated across the floor.

It took her a couple of breaths to calm down and relax enough to enjoy the ride. They'd never done this before, for the simple reason that she hated to fly. And although, with him, she felt safe, she was grateful he'd decided to try this little stunt indoors rather than outside. Realizing that they were still joined, she tightened her muscles around him, causing him to dip slightly towards the floor. She grinned at his shocked reaction, moving to kiss him softly.

"Careful, Scully. You don't want me to drop you, do you?" he managed hoarsely. He used the towel to give both of them a brief rub down, tossing it aside as he reached up to open the door. They sailed into the bedroom to be greeted by the blast of classical music from the stereo they'd left on outside. Mulder maneuvered them towards the bed, moving up over it and gently lowering them onto the bedspread.

Scully let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, sitting up to gaze down at Mulder. "If you ever do that again, Mulder, I'll shoot you," she snapped in a no-nonsense voice. But it held just enough of a smile in it to let him know she was joking.

He smiled up at her. "I'll be sure to warn you next time. Meanwhile, wasn't there something we were doing..." It was his turn to gasp as she started rocking again, moving up and down over him. "Oh, god, yeah, Scully!" His hands moved to grasp her waist, then flipped them over so she lay underneath him. He closed his hands over hers, moving them up over her head, pushing into her as she pulled him in, her legs wrapped tight around him. A solitary eyebrow rose as their moving bodies hit the remote, abruptly changing the stations on the stereo. His hands were reaching for the instrument when the lyrics of the song registered on both of them.

"Chasing dragons with plastic swords,
Jack off Jimmy, everybody wants more.
Scully and Angel on the kitchen floor,
And I'm calling Buddy on the Ouija board..."

"Scully, I'm shocked. The kitchen floor?" he grinned at her. "And who the hell is Angel?"

"Don't knock it till you try it, G-man. But the only vampire I'm interested in right now is a certain cocky FBI Agent," she grinned back, then added with a mild rebuke, "Who, I might add, is thinking of vagaries when he should be concerned with more important things at the moment."

"So sorry, madame." Mulder shut off the stereo, then tossed the remote aside as he leaned in to capture her mouth again. They moved slowly, letting the passion build again as they neared completion. They were so close he could see the spark of lust shine in her eyes, desire commingled with love as she returned his gesture. Their lips devoured each other. He moved to the side, his mouth grazing her cheeks, her jaw, until he reached her ear. He gently suckled on it, then moved down yet again. His tongue ran over her neck, tracing its curve down to her shoulder, licking the spot that he knew would cause her to gasp with ecstasy.

She didn't disappoint him, the sound music to his ears. His lips continued to caress the spot, even as he felt her hands move up to clutch his hair, pulling him closer, urging him forward. He didn't need to see her face to know that her eyes were closed tight, her teeth biting her lower lip as she gave herself over to the sensations their actions were evoking within them. He felt the heat under his mouth, could almost feel the flow of blood as it raced past just under the skin. If he concentrated, he could almost convince himself that he could see the faint pulse thudding against the inner surface of her skin.

He didn't even notice the fangs drop from their sheath as his tongue caressed the spot. Millennia of evolution evoked an instinct so deeply buried, he hadn't even been aware of its existence. Suddenly, without warning, his teeth sank into the flesh, the warm blood gushing out of the tiny puncture marks like a geyser. He suckled on the luscious liquid as it flowed, his mind instantly remembering the last time they'd done this. Then, it had been sensual, but not erotic. Then, they had been running for their lives from the consortium. Now, they were free to explore the sensations that emerged.

He felt her moan, the sound echoed in her life blood, her love flowing into him, surrounding him in all its glory. With each drink, he felt more of her, urging him on. His entire being suffused with her essence, he pushed deeper into her, harder, leading them both towards the inevitable.

She felt the sharp sting for but a moment before her senses were flooded with him. Everything that was him flowed into her, evoking a throaty moan as she tried to pull him deeper into her. Her eyes were shut tight, her teeth scoring her lip as she met him, thrust for thrust, even as she felt her blood flowing into him. Her body was afire, each nerve melding with his as she gave herself over to him, as she accepted him into her.

The rhythm of their movements escalated, going from sedate and loving to passionate and furious. Both felt the approaching climax, even as she felt herself on the edge of consciousness, even as he felt the flow of blood thinning beneath his lips. When it came, it hit them with the force of a hurricane, pushing them both over the edge into oblivious bliss as they thrust one final time, each shuddering with pleasure, with relief as they rode the waves of ecstasy, their joined blood feeding each one's joy and love to the other.

Mulder finally felt her stilling beneath him, the flow of blood slowing to a trickle as her movements died down. He felt her quiet shudders stop as she lay still. Himself succumbing to the heady sensation of satiation, he rolled off her, nestling into the crook of her neck as he fell asleep. He wasn't awake to notice the small gasp at his partner's sharp intake of breath a few minutes later before it evened out into a steady rhythm.

2:13 PM

The movement roused her from her sleep. She tried to stay under a few more minutes, but couldn't. She rolled over in her bed, her hand reaching out to find the comforting form of her partner. She frowned, her hand searching the empty bed.

Her eyes blinked open, her body coming fully awake to the sounds of someone in the bathroom getting hurriedly dressed. Slowly, the memory of what they'd done started asserting itself. She should have expected this reaction, she supposed. Still she couldn't help the small sigh that escaped her lips.

She moved into a sitting position against the back of her bed, her fingers rising to brush against the hollow of her throat. Silly, she knew. Any marks would have long since healed themselves, but she could still remember the sharp sting before she... before they had become lost in each other. The memories caused an exhilarating warmth to spread through her body. She closed her eyes as she allowed a small gasp to escape her lips.

She didn't have long to wait before the subject of her thoughts hurriedly rushed out of the bathroom, fully dressed. He stopped short when he realized she was awake.


The squeak almost caused her to break out into a chuckle, one which she quickly hid. It simply wouldn't convey the impression she was trying to get across. Instead, she said, "Mulder? Could you get me some Gatorade. I have some in the fridge, and I'm kinda thirsty."

The guilty expression on his face deepened as he realized exactly why she might be thirsty. He nodded silently, rushing into the kitchen to get the drink.

Behind him, the woman on the bed tried to think of a way to talk her partner past his ever-present guilt complex.

It turned out she needn't have worried. He returned with a cold bottle of classic orange and handed it to her, seating himself on the bed beside her. Before she could drink so much as one gulp, he began. She silently drank as he talked.

"I'm so sorry, Scully. I'm so... so very... very sorry. I don't know what came over me. I mean... I don't... I never... I didn't think it... that... would happen. I mean, how could I know, right?"

"I know," Scully whispered softly in between gulps.

"I mean...," Mulder continued, not even paying any attention to her words in the midst of his guilt induced rant. "I killed you, Scully," the words came out in a miserable whisper. "I drained your blood. I killed you. And I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry, Scully."

"I know," she repeated in the same soft tone.

"I... I think I'd better leave. I don't think... I mean I'd understand if... Oh god," he almost sobbed out, "I never expected this..."

"I did."

"Neither of us did, I..." He paused. His eyes, which had been looking in every possible direction except directly at her face, now froze before zooming in right at her. "You what!?"

"I said, I was expecting it."

"You were?"

This time it was definitely a squeak, although he immediately corrected that impression. His next words came out with considerably more force.

"YOU WERE!!??"

"God, Mulder. A little louder? I don't think they heard you on the moon." She sighed. "Yes, I said I was expecting it. Why do you think I stocked up on the Gatorade?" she asked, holding up the bottle to demonstrate.

"What the hell are you talking about? How could you have known?"

"Do you remember the first time that happened? At the facility in Peru?"

He nodded mutely, his jaw still slack at her admission.

"I talked to Natalie when we got back. I wanted to know about any side effects of that impromptu meal of yours." She sighed again, looking down at the sports drink she held clutched in her lap. "Nat was concerned, of course. She had been trying to wean Nick of the habit, but she said it was so ingrained, not entirely unexpected after almost 800 years. Since we figured that vampires don't really need blood to survive, we decided that the whole blood lust concept must be something instinctual. And once a vampire tastes blood, the combination of his saliva and the victim's...," she paused at his stricken look. "Sorry," she amended hastily, "the blood donor's heme acts like a narcotic."

"What are you saying? That I'm addicted to blood? How do I stop it?"

"We were hoping it wouldn't come to this. That the time in Peru was a one time thing. I guess we were wrong."

"Scully...," he cut in warningly. "How..."

"Well, near as we could figure it, the lust seems to lessen if you're not so hungry. And seeing as how we skipped breakfast today in favor of more worthwhile pursuits...," she trailed off, a decidedly wicked smirk on her face, earning a delightful blush from her partner as both recalled exactly how worthwhile their morning pursuits had been.

"You're not mad, Scully? I hurt you. I killed..."

"Mulder," she cut him off sharply. "Do I look dead to you?" At the slight shake of his head, she added more softly, "Good. I love you." She leaned forward, placing the drink on the nightstand. She raised her fingers to brush his cheek as she lightly kissed his lips. "And I forgive you, especially since I was half expecting something like this. I guess it would have had to happen sooner or later." Seeing his expression soften a little in relief, she quickly added, "Of course, that doesn't mean you're completely off the hook, you know."

The stricken look immediately took residence on his face again, coupled with an extra dose of guilt.

Her hand wandered away, moving down his body to brush across his thighs. She slowly stroked him through his jeans, eliciting a sudden gasp from him. "There's still the small matter of restitution for damages..."

"Damages?" Mulder managed weakly.

"Yes, Mulder. You did drain me, after all. A girl needs huge amounts of tender, loving care after an ordeal like that," she said innocently. "And since we can't... well, you know... on our currently empty stomachs, I want you to get your butt into the kitchen and make us some pancakes first, while I go wash up." She pulled back, moving to slide her legs out the other side of the bed, leaving a shocked Mulder sitting behind her. "Your banana pancakes, Mulder," she added over her shoulder as she padded to the bathroom, gloriously naked. "You know how much I love those."

"Okay, Scully. Whatever you say," he hastily replied, trying not to stare too much at the weaving buttocks as they passed by him. "Wouldn't want this to happen again now, would we?" he muttered under his breath.

He thought he'd said that to himself, but he was proven wrong when she replied, "Oh, I don't know, Mulder. I thought that was some pretty killer sex. Didn't you?"

The pillow just missed her head as she ducked into the bathroom. The sound of her laughter followed Mulder out into the kitchen.

The End

End Notes

Okay, now I've never written anything this explicit before, and it was something of an experiment for me. I wanted to see how far I could push it, and I must admit I chickened out pretty early, compared to some of the stuff I've read. But... I'm pretty satisfied. I'm still not sure I could ever write anything that needed an NC-17 rating, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? Or something along those lines anyway.

Meanwhile, the song is "A Change Would Do You Good" by Sheryl Crow. Anyone notice the small reference to Buffy? The title for the story is from the song that was playing on the radio before the duo's antics changed the stations on the remote.

Anyway, hope you liked this jaunt into the raunch ;) Enough to send feedback anyway. The address is Later...

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